Preference: His Parents Call During Sex (requested)

Liam: You and Liam were in the middle of having sex and his phone kept going off. “Babe just get it. They’re obviously not gonna stop.” you said as Liam reached for his phone. “Hey mum.” he said still thrusting in and out of you. You couldn’t help but giggle. She was clearly rambling on about something because a minute went by with Liam not saying a word. You forgot he was on the phone and let out a moan. His mum stopped mid sentence and asked what that noise was. Liam panicked “Oh um, Y/N and I are watching a movie. Inappropriate scene, sorry. Speaking of which mum, can I give you a call once the movies over? It was just getting good.” he explained before hanging up the phone and practically pegging it off the bed and continuing to pound you.

Louis: You and Louis were just really getting into it for the first time in a while. The house phone began ringing but you decided you’d let it go to the machine. You continued to make love when you heard Louis’ mums voice on the machine “Hey Lou, it’s mum. I hope you’re home I’m about to pull into your flat. The girls wanted to come see you. See you in a second.” she said before disconnecting. You and Louis stopped realizing his mum and little sisters were about to barge into the house. He quickly disconnected from you and began to dress himself while throwing you your clothes. “We’ll pick up from there once they leave.” Louis told you before opening the door and greeting his unexpected family.

Harry: You and Harry had been dating for a while. Harry’s mum still liked to believe her baby didn’t have sex. You were at her house and she had left you two alone at home to run to the grocery store with Robin. You could feel his phone vibrating somewhere in the bed but decided it was definitely not worth looking for. After about 10 minutes, things were getting extremely intense and you were just about to climax when you hear his mum shout “Harry! We’re home!” he threw the blankets over you, determined to finish what he had started. It was just as the both of you finished that Robin walked in. “Oh come on.” he said while exiting and shutting the door “I’m getting tired of walking in on this. Get this boy a lock Anne!” you heard him shout. 

Niall: You and Niall were making love for the first time since he left to go on tour. You were both so into it, you hadn’t noticed the phone had been ringing. After a while Niall heard the phone and saw from the side table that his mum had called over 20 times. “Oh my gosh.” Niall said before grabbing his phone and dialing her back “Everything alright, mum?” he asked. “Niall we’ve been standing outside of your house for well over 15 minutes, answer the door for Christ’s sake!” Greg shouted through his mothers phone “Oh my gosh, babe! It’s 6:45! We forgot about dinner! We will however, get back to this later.” Niall exclaimed while dressing himself and rushing for the door. 

Zayn: You and Zayn were having sex in the living room. Neither one of you could wait to get to the bedroom so you did it in the middle of the house. You could be as loud as you wanted because it was just the two of you, so you thought. After a while you heard pounding on your front door. After quickly slipping on your clothes Zayn rushed to the door and unlocked it “Mum? What are you doing here?” he asked confused. “Zayn. I called your phone a million times to tell you I was stopping by. You never answer that thing, you had me worried.” she explained. “I’m fine, Y/N and I were just about to take a nap.” he said hinting he was preoccupied. “I’ll be gone in a minute. Just wanted to come see you two.” she said. Mood=KILLED. 

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