Dirty Zayn Imagine

You and Zayn had big plans tonight and you weren’t letting them get ruined or interrupted. Zayn walked up to the bedroom to you sitting on the bed in a bra and panties. He smiled, bit his lip and locked the door before approaching you. “Are you ready?” he asked while playing with your bra straps. You slipped his shirt off and got on your knees on the bed. He had his warm hands caressing your back and hips as you played with his hair and passionately kissed him. He wrapped your legs around his waist, not breaking the kiss once. He managed to slip out of his pants so you were both only in your undergarments. He pushed you up against the wall and began to grind onto you. “Give it to me.” you begged. He didn’t hesitate. He unbuckled your bra and gave you a few hickeys on his way to your breasts which he was holding. He began to kiss them while slipping his fingers into you. You moaned at his touch and threw your head back in pleasure. Just as your eyes began to shut, he began going faster. He took you from the wall and slammed you on the bed. He slipped his boxers off and forced himself into you. He was going rough and you loved it. He was slamming into you as you gripped his back and screamed for more. The more you screamed the harder he went on you. Just as you reached your climax he released inside you which made you cum faster. When you were done he made his way down. He licked you clean which made you cum again. By the time you were done you were both so exhausted you fell asleep naked in each others arms.

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