Preference: You Get Caught Having Sex In Public (requested)

Liam: You and Liam were in the mood and didn’t want to wait. You were eating dinner at a nice restaurant and you told the waiter to hold your table because you’d be right back. You went into the women’s bathroom to make sure it was empty then quickly snuck Liam into the handicap bathroom. He put you up on the sink and you got right down to business. Next thing you know a little boy was sneaking under the stall and peeking at you “Mommy people are playing in here!” he yelled. You were both in shock, you waited for them to leave and then you both made a run for it out of the bathroom and back to your table.

Louis: You and Louis were taking a walk in the park. Nobody else was around so you stopped and laid with him by the lake. You made sure nobody was around while things were starting to get steamy. It seemed like you were alone, so you took a risk and did it. You and Louis had sex in a public park by a lake. All was going well, and it was pretty romantic until somebody’s dog got loose and stopped right by you, causing their owner to find you two in the middle of your intimacy. He was shocked “Buddy! Come on Buddy! Get away from them! We didn’t see anything.” he said as he picked up his dog and ran away. You two quickly got dressed and went back to the car, where you continued your business in the backseat.

Harry: It was a little past midnight. You and Harry were feeling adventurous. You drove down to the beach with the intentions of taking a romantic walk down by the water. You were having so much fun when you stopped under the dock. The water was crashing against your legs, and the moment was magical. You didn’t hesitate. He began to make love to you under the dock. It was like a dream. It was perfect, up until the very last second. A cop approached you two with a flashlight. “Alright you two, break it up.” Not only was it extremely magical, it was also extremely illegal.

Niall: You were shopping for new furniture. You were looking at new beds in particular. You were roaming around the store when you found a bed with a huge canopy surrounding the whole bed. You slid into the bed and winked at him patting the spot next to you. He laid next to you and after passionately making out for a while you completely forgot you weren’t home. You thought the bed you were in was your own as you started to make love. A few minutes later a couple walked by looking at beds as well. They stopped in front of the one you were occupying and opened the canopy, seeing you and Niall and immediately shutting it. “Hey, it seems pretty nice.” they guy said jokingly while walking away.

Zayn: You and Zayn were at the mall. You were trying on some clothes in a dressing room when Zayn decided he wanted you. Now. He grabbed you and went straight in for it. He began to thrust inside of you and you didn’t want it to stop. Apparently you had forgot to lock the door, considering you thought you’d be in and out really quickly, because an employee walked in and was definitely scarred. She ran to her manager and about 20 seconds later she was pounding on the door telling you both that you needed to get out. You were banned from ever setting foot back into that store again.

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