Preference: He’s Too Rough During Sex (requested)

Liam: Liam loved hearing your scream his name. It made him feel like such a bad boy. Once you said his name, you were done. He would instantly start pounding you as hard as he can. But sometimes, he went a bit overboard. You were just about to climax, you moaned his name and he instantly started thrusting as fast and hard as possible. He dragged you to the edge of the bed, still inside of you, so that he could stand and slam you even harder. He was holding your legs up going as hard as he could, at this point you were screaming, making out his name occasionally when you could catch your breath. Once you were done the both of you instantly fell asleep in each others arms, completely worn out. When you awoke the next morning, you could barely move your legs, let alone walk.

Louis: Louis like to try new things in the bedroom, and you liked to experiment as well, the two of you would try something new almost every night. Tonight you let him have his way with you. He handcuffed you to the bed, blindfolded you, and teased you until you couldn’t take it anymore. When you were least expecting it, he slipped himself inside of you, then uncuffed you so you could remove the blindfold. He tried to see how long he could last without stopping or slowing down. It sounded like a great idea at the time, but you were going at it for hours on end and you had work in the morning. After he finally decided he couldn’t hold it in any longer, he released himself inside of you and fell on top of you. You were both dripping sweat, so you suggested a bath. After being in the bath for about 2 minutes, he started to kiss you, and it happened all over again. You two were up until 3 in the morning cleaning up all of the water that had splashed out of the tub. You were so sore in the morning you had no choice but to call out of work.

Harry: Harry loved to make love to you. He liked to take his time and be slow and passionate. It was a rare occasion for him to be too rough on you, but when he was in the mood, he was rough. Tonight was one of those nights. You and Harry were at the movies. You let Harry decide so of course you ended up with some movie all about love. The movie started out really cute, but there were more sex scenes in that movie than you’ve ever seen in your life. Harry was getting so horny, he rushed you out of the movie and sped home. He wasn’t wasting any time. He stripped the both of you down to nothing within 1 minute of being home. You were making out and things were quickly heating up. He held you up and wrapped your legs around his waist and shoved himself into you. You screamed unprepared for his size. He then started to kiss you again and walked up the stairs, still inside you, heading for the bedroom. He pushed you up against the bedroom wall and began to thrust as hard as he could until he had to lay down. He slammed you down on the bed then jumped on top of you and pushed himself into you once more. You were rolling around on the bed for what felt like all night. When you were finally done, the sheets were messed up, the pillows were all off the bed, and you had actually managed to break the bed. The two of you spent the night cuddled up on the couch since your bed was broken. Talk about soreness that next morning.

Niall: Niall hated hurting you. Even if the process was fun and pleasurable, he hated the thought of you being hurt. You wanted him to have fun tonight, so no matter what it took, you were going to make him be rough with you. You teased him and taunted him until he grabbed you and forced you inside of him “Harder Niall!” you begged and screamed until he listened. He didn’t want to stop. He loved it. He loved every second of making you scream. He loved knowing he had the ability to drive you insane. So that’s exactly what he did. He didn’t stop until you absolutely couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t stop until it hurt. “Babe, we have to do that more often.” he said “I couldn’t agree more.” you answered. It was the most fun you had ever had in your life, but it was the most pain you’ve ever felt after a crazy night in the bedroom.

Zayn: Whenever you and Zayn had sex, you were usually on top. You loved having the control, and he loved watching you. But he had a different plan tonight. After getting out of the shower, Zayn laid down in bed and kissed you. One thing lead to another, and soon enough he was inside of you in your usual position of you on top of him. After a few minutes Zayn, keeping himself inside of you, flipped you over so he was now in control. He. Went. Crazy. He was slamming into you so hard the backboard of the bed was crashing into the walls, and along with your screaming, it was probably waking the neighbors. When he was done he slowly pushed himself completely inside of you and slowly pulled out only leaving the tip inside of you. He continued this for another few minutes before crashing on top of you and falling asleep in sync with you. You two were so worn out you didn’t even realize, but when you woke up, he was still inside of you. You had round two in the morning, leaving you both in bed all day. You, because you were too sore to move. Him, because he was hoping for round three.

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